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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
The "problem" is that the story is old. At least 1-2 years ago there was a discussion about ApolloOS (now Coffin). Some people had a problem with it some not. On a German forum ground wrote that he don't like (support?) Coffin or something like that.
Ok, you say the story is 1-2 years old... well why are they still distributing CoffinOS (not to mention other programs / games) with their commercial sales of Vampire hardware at the "Amiga 34" event which took place October last year then?

As for the article on; it was written "04.Nov.2019".

Kind of a funny thing for grond / Gunnar to do if they "don't like (support?) Coffin" don't you think?

Ever heard that classic saying "action speaks louder than words"?

Prime example right here i.e. they can say what they like but if they then turn around and actually do the complete opposite... well.

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