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Originally Posted by Retro1234 View Post
I don't think Ill visit very often, I've lost interest and Damien I like you but some of your judgement here on the subject is a little baffling - you don't send a Amiga related topic to OFF-Topic because "I don't care about Vampire" etc maybe just take a deep breath but it's not acceptable, we've all been under strain lately so try to be a little more diplomatic.
Suit yourself Retro1234.

For the record, I didn't send an "Amiga related topic to OFF-Topic because "I don't care about Vampire"; I defended the author who made the choice to boycott the Apollo team / Vampire hardware by not allowing his software to run on their products, and got numerous grief for it.

You might want to re-read the thread again: MUIMapparium... and maybe I should restore "some" people's edited posts so you can see the hostility towards ALB42 and his decision.

I won't apologise for expressing my opinion about believing that what the Apollo team are doing is wrong; and therefore needs to be addressed...

It's almost like you're saying that I made this stuff up because I have no interest in Vampire... you can clearly see all the allegations / evidence that posted in their article

Maybe it's just me that has morals and all you guys are cool with their dodgy activities? Or just don't care?

...and still no statement to all this from the main Apollo team spokeman "grond".

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