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Originally Posted by grond View Post
Yes, sure, like most bullies you only feel secure in the company of your buddies.
Oh that's a good one... you saying that RCK and all other GMods / Mods are not impartial; and automatically on my side?


You really don't know much so stop making silly assumptions!!! You don't have access to / see the discussions in either of the "private.GlobalModerators" or "private.Moderators" sections do you???

Trust me, if I'm out of line RCK / GMods / Mods will say so...

Originally Posted by grond View Post
I won't answer to one who accuses and declares the sentence at the same time. While you can remove the freedom of speech by deleting opinions you don't agree with and ban people to silence them, you can't make people speak just because you call them out.
It's not me who's made these accusations, with proof is it now?


I'm just bringing what they've written to everyone's attention.

As for silence; it's you and the Apollo team that are keeping silent regarding this... no one is removing your comments

You're just too much of a coward to address; as you know you're in the wrong.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
Then act like one and step back from your position as a moderator since you are clearly not qualified to moderate.
Ok, I've really had enough of you telling me what to do... please keep going.

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