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Originally Posted by StealthDwarf View Post

Here's my config when using A1200:

Config 1200.uae

And the bootlog:


I hope that's what you needed

Why are you still using an A1200 configuration with A500 floppy games? It's vary rare indeed that an A500 game will work properly, if at all, on an A1200 unless it's been patched to do so.

...and for your A1200 setup, your config is all over the place i.e:
  • CPU 68020
  • JIT [never use, it's required for maybe 1% of games i.e. some high-end 68040 / 68060 ones]
  • AGA
  • KS ROM v3.1 (A500,A600,A2000) rev 40.63 (512k) [wrong]
  • 2MB Chip & 1MB Slow & 8MB Fast RAM [wrong]

Turn off JIT, wrong KS ROM for an A1200, an A1200 also doesn't have Slow RAM...

Again, please use "Quickstart" if you don't know what you are doing.

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