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Originally Posted by superfrog View Post
Have you had music issues with any other games besides Lemmings? I know that at least one cracked version of Lemmings (Skid Row) had botched music on some levels, like the scratching sounds in the video you posted. That is the result of a bad crack, and it would sound the same on a real Amiga. Try to find a different copy of the Lemmings disk images. From the file names you posted, it looks like you are using the semi-broken Skid Row crack.


I thought about that too but i tried different adf from different website for lemmings and still have the same issue. Maybe all the roms were bad ones but even the one from EAB has the same results.

I ve noticed that in the Jurassic Park rom i have; i don't have any music after the first stage

In Gobliins 2, some of the sounds used to be the "language" of the Globliins when they speak are randomly not played.

I m not sure for this one but i think the music in Bubba & Stix are strangly a little slower than the normal music.

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