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WinUAE and sound/music problems

Hi everybody

I ve recently started to emulate Amiga (in order to rediscover the sensations of my teenage years with my old Amiga 1200 ^^) and I took WinUAE because a lot of people says that’s the best emulator so far.
I had some troubles with configuration (not an expert with that ) but it finally work.

But, I noticed that some games haven’t the same musics I had on my Amiga 1200; like if a part of it is missing (some « instruments »); and even if it s not a real problem to play, like I said in my member presentation, music was one of the things I loved so much with Amiga 1200.

So I m looking for help; maybe someone have an idea from what this problem come from:
- a bad configuration ?
- winUAE Itself?
- a bad kickstart file?
- a problem in the rom of the game?
- a plot of the Antarctica’s beavers?

And if someone have an idea to solve this problem too

Thanks a lot
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