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Originally Posted by grond View Post
on the Amiga I have an include directory called Include:, on linux the includes are obviously in a different place.
Is there some internal variable in vasm that could be checked to determine the type of the build system?
No, not yet. There is also no code to determine the host OS in vasm. The only OS-dependant code (for automatic path-conversions) is selected by compiling vasm with an AMIGA, _WIN32, MSDOS or ATARI define. Default is Unix-style paths.

Maybe I could introduce a symbol which reflects the current path-style (AMIGA, DOS, UNIX)? Does that help?

Originally Posted by roondar View Post
I tend to have a shared makefile and a "proper" makefile. The shared one sets up directories, flags, etc and I include that in the "proper" one.
Yes, that's also what I did in the past. Usually there is more than just an include path which differs, so I always have sub-Makefile to include for the different platforms.
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