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Host type variable in vasm?

I have recently played a little with cross-assemblation using vasm on my linux computer and find it very convenient. I now wonder whether there is an internal variable or another way to make one and the same source code assemble in vasm on the Amiga and in vasm on linux. The problem is a small one, on the Amiga I have an include directory called Include:, on linux the includes are obviously in a different place. I could, of course, specify the include directory on the command line or in the makefile but then again I would need to remember everything in order to successfully assemble my stuff in a few years from now (that's usually the biggest challenge...) or setup two different makefiles. I would prefer to just change the declaration in the source file depending on whether I assemble the code on the Amiga or on my linux computer. I think this could be done by using some IFDEF-type construct which would obviously require a way of finding out whether vasm is running on the Amiga or not. Is there some internal variable in vasm that could be checked to determine the type of the build system?
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