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Originally Posted by grond View Post
I don't think a shrink is worth it in this kind of business. But perhaps they use the same layout on a finer (less outdated) process (if the actually produce at all and not just sell old stock). Producing the same layout on a finer node is often a first step in conventional chip production when moving from one node to the next before doing the shrink and also leads to better chip parameters as the newer process more precisely recreates the layout dimensions on the actual semiconductor.
So does that mean there is a chance that newly made, but not redesigned, chips might be manufactured smaller than Freescale did, and thus be able to run cooler and faster. But all depending on how advanced their production is. Well 12 years is a long time for a company to catch up to big boy chip production quality.

If they can produce 060's at Pentium 233 grade then those chips might be worth the extreme prices. 50->233MHz would be one serious overclock on the front side bus! I wonder if there is any way to make a new card that would talk to such a fast bus.

I've been looking at a 64 bit PPC North Bridge chip which can do 183MHz on CPU bus (with 366MHz DDR1 memory bus). The Galileo GD64360. If it could be persuaded to speak 32 bit data to the CPU then it would be an option.

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