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They sound great, Virgill

Originally Posted by virgill View Post
Antiriad: can't tell how it behaves with the P61 player since I don't have experience with that one.
Ok, no problem. How about how it works with the replayer you are familiar with because I'm missing something here

Is this the workflow?

1. In amigaklanggui create instruments.
2. Export those instruments to a mod file
3. Write your mod using those instruments
4. Save mod without samples
5. In amigaklanggui export instruments to binary
6. In own intro, include the PT 2.1a replayer.
7. At the mt_data: label in the replayer include your sample-less module
8. Include the amigaklang binary file
9. Fill in the a0-a4 registers and jsr to to the amigaklang binary file to render samples. (how do you know how big the chipmem buffer needs to be for a0?)

I still don't see how the replayer and the samples link up. I think the sample data in a normal mod file is stored right at the end from what I read on wikipedia. Maybe it's as simple as just placing the target for the rendered samples directly following the mod?:
mt_data: incbin "mymodule.mod"
klangsamples: dcb.b <however long the samples need to be>
Edit: I know phx has written a standard replayer that allows you to specify the location of samples. I'll give that a go.
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