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Ninja warrior curious speed problem with Exact-Cycle full


I meet curious problem with NINJA WARRIOR (last WHDLoad version)

with some WINuae configuration (68030+RTG) i have a curious problem (bug?)

indeed with option enabled:
Cycle-exact (full)
Cycle-exact (DMA/memory access)

intro music is played very very very fast!!!!!

for information audio code is in VBL interrupt (VBR+$6c)

To display music to correct speed, i must :
- disable Cycle-exact (full)
- leave enabled Cycle-exact (DMA/memory access)

i use this configuration to code all my whdlaod's patch

it's first time i must disabled Cycle-exact (full) to resolve too speed problem

in general is for reduct speed!!!!

have somebody an idea of the problem?

PS: on my real a1200+Blizzard 060&030 no speed problem...
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