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I'm sure it is. But from experience with interrupts across about ~dozen platforms, I'd like to avoid a scenario where I have to remotely debug why IRQ on some end-user's box is crashing/hanging and burning a week on that.

I'm sure there's 10+ scenarios where a certain combo of Amiga OS/libraries/versions/drivers will result in non-standard IRQ behavior and my routine will either not get called in the chain, or I will have to hack it for a specific remote use case or something entirely different will happen. After burning a week on debugging it...

It even looks like I might get away without using IRQ for audio as I'll be using final 44.1kHz mix and no real-time mixer will be thus needed.

Regardless, it only took about an hour to add the functionality of waiting till the microseconds are zero and auto-normalizing the timestamp at the start-up, so I'm now working only with relative values (of seconds), starting nice and clean from 0.

So, after each benchmark test, I now have two values (sec,miccrosec) to store instead of one (vblCount), so it's not a huge deal - though having just a single value would have been preferred.
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