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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
IIRC the UNIT settings do not change the unit used by the result, but only the accuracy.
Winuae certainly has nothing to do with that.
So, the GetSysTime can really only return time in a single supported unit, despite timer supporting 5 units ? It certainly doesn't mention that in the docs.

That sucks, but I couldn't have known. At least I know I didn't do anything wrong.

The docs say the following:



This unit uses a strobe from the power supply to keep track of its time or the "E" clock on machines without power supply strobes. It is very stable over time, but only has a resolution of that of the vertical blank interrupt. This unit is very cheap to use, and should be used by those who are waiting for long periods of time (typically 1/2 second or more). This unit uses a timeval in its timerequest

So, there is no reason to believe it wouldn't return number of elapsed vblanks in the timeval.

But, at least I can move on and stop burning time on this thing. Thanks !
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