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Current ripple will always be present with any voltage ripple. You can't increase or decrease the voltage applied to a circuit and expect the current to remain static, so I don't really get why such a big deal is being made of it. It's just another facet of the same interaction. It's also been a specification important for capacitors used for smoothing ripple, as applying ripple current beyond a capacitor's rating will cause it to heat up and degrade over time.

As for the modular PSUs, some have higher ripple specifications than others, even from the same line of products. The Mean Well RPT-60B, which is commonly used in all those small replacement PSUs currently available, has a higher ripple rating than a PT-65B for example, so it's really a case of picking an appropriate model for the application. That said, ripple ratings are based on a PSU under maximum load, and won't be the ripple seen under typical use since you would never want to use a PSU at the limit of its capacity.
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