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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
No it's not ... only your "A1000 tower" is imagination.

Here we are, The Commodore Amiga Ranger. Amiga 1000 technology in a tower, complete with the Zorro I cards. They're like Zorro II but square instead of rectangle. I bet you'll get angry and deny that they're square too.

Funny looking imagination I have, that my imagination appears known to other people before it's known to me, that it's solid and they pick it up and touch it! Am I a green lantern?

There is a lot wrong with your post, because you don't understand simple things explained to you. I told you plainly that the point of slowram is to wire agnes for 1mb address space, so they could later make 1mb chipram agnes. It's a staggered upgrade, this is common practice in all kinds of electronics.

The rest of your post is no better and not worth my time.
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