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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
Your "1000 tower" is nonsense... that is not what we are talking about.
It's ranger. That's what ranger is. There is no other. Not even a shadow of one, just imaginations.

Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
The A500 has a lot of cost reductions, but no technical improvements over the A1000. The "slow ram capability" was the worst decision ever made, combing two disadvantages.
Cost reduction is in itself a technical improvement by definition, and slow ram was proven a very good idea. It opened the doorway to higher chipram capable agnes as a plugin upgrade, the connections are already there. Without the slowram revision the A2000 would have been permanently with only 512k chipram. Good luck video toasting with that.

Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
The A1000 "daughter board" it just RAM and solely commodores fault, since they wanted a 128kb version, not accepting that a bit mapped GUI needs lots of RAM
The daughterboard isn't for system ram, and it isn't because of some mythical 128K version of the A1000. The reason that the WCS lives on a daughterboard is the A1000 glue takes up too much space.

It's wrong to say Los Gatos didn't design Gary because of not knowing about CIA chips, because at the time Commodore bought Amiga the chipset was nowhere near finished, and Commodore themselves finished it. Before Commodore there was only TTL breadboards, no chips.

Originally Posted by jay miner
Commodore was very good for AMIGA in the beginning. They made many improvements in the chips. Commodore made a lot of improvements in the things that we wanted but we did not have the resources to accomplish. The AMIGA originally only had three hundred and twenty colours across the screen, even in the six forty mode. They helped us put in full colour in the six forty mode. They also improved the colour by moving the NTSC converter off the chip.
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