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I just linked to the interview with Jay Miner here in this thread.
It does not matter if he called it "ranger" or not - it was the next generation of chips he designed.
Your "1000 tower" is nonsense... that is not what we are talking about.

The A500 has a lot of cost reductions, but no technical improvements over the A1000.
The "slow ram capability" was the worst decision ever made, combing two disadvantages.

The A1000 "daughter board" is just RAM and solely commodores fault, since they wanted a 128kb version, not accepting that a bit mapped GUI needs lots of RAM und also not accepting, that the OS was not ready for ROM yet.
(Btw: the first Atari STs from 85 also had no ROM and needed a "kickstart" TOS disk...)

All the other cost reductions could have been done for the A1000 as well .. making it a affordable desktop...
the A2000 benefited from the same cost reductions... but was sold at a much higher price, for no real reason ... making it dead in the water.

As for the glue logic an Gary: of course they had nothing ready at Los Gatos, as they could not know they where going to use Commodores CIAs as interface chips ...
So they designed the clue logic with PALs and integrated it later into Gary

Commodore Germany did exactly the same for the Buster - first discrete logic and later integrated into one chip ... Dave Haynie did the same again for the A3000 and many CPU boards...

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