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Originally Posted by Bruce Abbott View Post
Ironically, one of the major disappointments of the A1200 was a lack of compatibility with A500 titles. Would this have been less of a problem if Commodore had released an 020 based system earlier? I think not. I bought an A3000 in 1991 and just had to suck it up if a game wouldn't work (had no other Amiga to play games on because some prick stole my A1000). If I was an ardent gamer that would have been a big problem.
Yes it would have been less of a problem!
Commodore should have upgraded the Kickstart ROMs on a yearly basis ... no need to improve much, but they should have changed the locations of the Libs every time on purpose, so developers would learn NOT to use direct addresses..

It would have been a great help if they would have switched to 14Mhz 68K in 1989 on A500/A2000 ... (of course with optional turtle mode). So developers would learn not to use CPU cycles as timing ...

Same goes for the Blitter, which schould have been gradually upgraded to make use of faster RAM (and later wider bus)...

Yes all that would have helped, to educate developers, so the jump to AGA or AAA would not brake much..

And it would have helped to keep the PC at distance all the time!

Few titles were produced that made full use of them because the market was too small.
Here is the Atari ST to blame ...

as I mentioned somewhere earlier: the world was just not big enough for both..
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