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Saw the new WHDLoad and have now succesfully installed my copy of Eliminator from Premier Collection II

However, you're going to hate me as i've found another copy of Eliminator, from the Action Sixteen compilation: Action Pack, that won't install, No sync signal on track 155

The reason is this copy shows tracks 77.1, 78.1 and 79.1 as non ADOS (duplication error?) consequently when the intro is running it loads up to TITLESCREEN which then disappears but it sticks there as it can't read any data off or skip past 77.1 so you have to skip the intro before it gets that far!

It also shows track 40.1 with 1 bad sector so won't show the disk name, usuaully it's 'ELIMINATOR', but the installer reads past that OK!

CT RAW zoned, sorry
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