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Originally Posted by Anubis
Now comparison of save state and game trainer is where you can see that save state is not cheating. With save state you have still to collect for your self all weapon upgrades etc. while with trainer you can have them by pressing of the button.

Let's compare arcade games. You started new game and you lost life after couple screens. You put some more money and you continue with the game from where you left. Is that cheating? Developer made it possible, so shouldn't be cheating according to many here?!
Arcade games were designed to nick your money.By the time you have pumped in enough credits and have gotten good enough , you have done what the developers wanted in the first place.I like to be as good as i can at an arcade game but not knowing the game or it's patterns means i would need to go through that proccess just to get that good.That wouldn't be cheating at that point as there is no other way to do this.It would be cheating if i was to say i had completed an arcade game properly ie without dying and this wasn't this case.It's cheating depending on how you want to look at it i suppose as it's perfectly fine to do any of this but technically it's cheating if you are to complete any game with lives that designers had not given to you in the first place.Putting a 2nd and 3rd coin into an arcade game to continue is a player's admmission that he can't play the game at a level needed to complete it.If a person isn't a great player then this is what you do.You could apply that same rule then to any save states too but generally home games are easier these days and have difficulty settings so not really.Arcades are a little different i think anyway.Iv'e completed 1 or 2 older arcade games but generally i get my arse kicked on most of them.I would certainly consider it cheating if i claimed i had beaten a game with more than 1 credit when i hadn't but it wouldn't bother me if i completed a game using this method.

And if you like to just go through games because you can't be bothered trying that much then saves are ideal.I truly don't think i would attempt to go through Shadow of the beast 1 or 2 because i simply don't have the concentration , stamina or skill for it.One day however i would like to play through to finish in a more relaxed way so i will be relying on save states.I won't consider myself cheating at that point because it won't be full on serious but technically i will be cheating - it's just that it wont matter that i am cheating.For that reason states are brilliant.

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