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Got it going...

While I still haven't figured out how to intercept the exit of Amibian before it actually drops back to Linux, I do have it working very well.

I have 3D printed a case for the Pi 3. It is based on the TARDIS Deluxe Kit by countspatula, It is a VERY well designed print. The whole thing just snaps together.

I modified it by first editing out three "sections" on the back panel to give myself plenty or room for the cabling. I then printed it at 140% and drilled mounting holes for the Pi 3.

I added two LEDs, a white one for the beacon, and an amber one for the interior light.

I added code to flash the beacon, turn on the interior light, and play the sound. I then adjusted everything to end just after the Amiga screen appears.

Very pleased with the result.

Video available on YouTube...
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