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Originally Posted by lar3ry View Post
Well, startup is pretty straightforward...

In /root/amiga/conf

To go straight into Amiga mode, use autostart. I just copied my preferred uae file to autostart.uae, though I can't rememmber if I then set use_gui=no or if it was already set. At any rate, if it is set to use_gui=no, it will boot straight to Amiga.

In /usr/local/bin
There are a load of executable scripts.
menu - prints the instuctions you usually see on boot.
when you type 3 and Enter, you execute 3, which calls amiga.

The script amiga cd's to /root/amiga and runs the following executable binary
./6 -f autostart.uae
At this point, you will end up in the GUI or in the Amiga based on the use_gui setting in the autostart file.

If you write any code you want to execute before or during the loading of your preferred Amiga, place it before the ./6 line.

If you want to run any code as you exit back to Linux, place it after the ./6 call.

Here's my ./6 file...

cd /root/amiga
aplay -t wav -r 48000 -f S16_LE /root/amiga/Tardis.wav &
python &
./6 -f conf/autostart.uae
aplay -t wav -r 48000 -f S16_LE /root/amiga/Tardis.wav &
python &
cd ~
cat /etc/
cat /etc/motd
Since I pretty much consider my Amiga emulator a time machine, I will be putting the Pi into a Tardis case (I'll be 3D printing the case), complete with LEDs, and any time I launch the Amiga or return, the Tardis sound will play, the interior LEDs will come on, and the beacon will flash.. Currently, it is flawless, in that it plays the sound of the Tardis until just after my Amiga screen appears. The pulsing LED, which will be on the top, pulses a few more times, then stops. I have yet to add the interior LEDs to illuminate the windows.

aplay is a Linux program, but is a python program I found on the net, and modified for the purpose of putting the beacon on the Tardis.
Note that both of these are run in background, so they continue to run while the Amia is loading.

Exit from Amiga mode is the tricky part.

I don't think winlaunch will be a lot of help, being specifically for Windows.

I did have look at some of the source that emufan pointed me to, and that looks more promising, though I don't know if I have the skills to modify it to do what I want.

I'll keep you posted about any progress I make.
Awesome. Thank you! I'll play around myself this weekend - I do like the idea of maybe an Amiga drive being a linux folder that is monitored from outside of the emulation where a file gets created when you want to quit the emulator, even if you have to run a script on the Amiga side just prior to pressing F12. I'll do some digging myself as well and let you know if I come up with anything interesting.
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