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New to Amiga's, gifted one without Kickstart.

Hey everyone.

When Amiga hit the UK I was living abroad in Cyprus, I remember seeing on display of the Import Depot (A sort of shop that UK Imports were brought into for Army families to buy). Even though I was about 4 or 5 years old, I remember being very interested by the Amiga 1200 on display. Since we owned a Sega Saturn and my Dad's regiment had a C64 for recreation, he never saw the point in getting an Amiga 1200 since all their computers were either Terminals, Windows 95 or one or two Macintosh computers.

I was recently gifted an Amiga 500. A little beaten up, three keys are broken and there's snaps on the case where it looks like someone tried to open it up at one point. No mouse, no monitor etc. Took a while to get a TV to talk to it. I checked the box but unfortunately no where to be seen is a Kickstart disk. Just a few games.

I can't find any Kickstart disks that say they work on an Amiga 500. I have Amiga Forever and WinUAE, I figured maybe it could use my USB Floppy Drive to write a new disk but I couldn't figure out how.

So I'm curious, is there a way to make a new disk, or is there some treasure trove of Disks someone makes for Amiga fans somewhere I can buy one from?

Many thanks for any help, And it's great to be here!
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