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Request: Space Crusade sprites & gfx

I totally love this game, both Amiga and pc-versions. Last summer I had the idea of making Space Crusade TC for Doom II, I already did all the levels with custom textures & flats, things and objectives, only thing this baby lacks is the enemy sprites. Far too much to draw for one man especially if that one man is one who cannot draw properly

I remain sceptical if ripped game graphics would be enough to finish the project (though I grabbed a lot of screenshots in 3D mode and edited them into one enemy so it's definately a lot easier than starting from scratch) but I'd love to have them none the less, who knows, maybe I'll do a 2D tribute game with my sucky pascal skills

ps. I hate it how everybody loves Space Hulk but nobody Space Crusade I spent half my childhood with Space Crusade, still love the in-game music and everything. Sad thing that Barry Leitch hasn't answered my e-mail asking for permission to use the music...

But so, can anyone rip all the gfx from Space Crusade or has somebody done so already ?
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