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Originally Posted by c0dehunter View Post
Thanks for providing the links. If I continue using the guide that I originally mentioned, what would be the issue in long run? In other words, what is wrong with his guide?
To me that guide you are following. It’s out of date
Looks as though the guide producer found some older information and just posted it. A lot of YouTubers will just tell you to use FFS when setting up a CF or SD card.

SFS and PFS3 are better alternatives for FFS. But SFS is no longer supported, where as PFS3 is. I always use PFS3 as it’s the better solution.

Granted in 3.1.4 and 3.2, FFS is still the main Filesystem and has improved and still being developed.

As for the rest of the guide for getting ClassicWB onto the card afterwards is still good and the only way as far as I am aware

Good luck Bromigo!

Oh and this YouTube video taught me on ClassicWB installs

[ Show youtube player ]

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