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Question Amiberry > Auto-Fire, making games unplayable >

Hi there guys.

I was hoping that you could help me with an issue that I've been experiencing recently.

I've had a real urge to play some old skool shooters recently
(Uridium 2, R-Type, SWIV, Xenon 2, etc, etc)

When playing these games on a Raspberry Pi 4, (using an X-box 360 pad)
If I use auto-fire the game becomes unplayable (Slows down / lag / jittery to unbelievably bad levels).

However if I use the fire buttons as normal (no auto-fire selected or in use),
then these games work fine.

I also have quite bad RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) in my hands / wrists
So playing games can be very painful at times. So I try to limit my
time playing games (Hence the need for some help with the auto-fire)

1. Tried using the different versions of auto-fire -
On / toggle / permanent.
= They all have same issue - (Slows down / lag / jittery)

2. Different joystick / gamepad types (E.G. Joystick emulation, CD-32 pad).
= Issue remains

1. Is there anything that I can do, that will allow me to use the auto-fire
without rendering these games unplayable ?

2. Is this perhaps linked to the refresh rate (and the difference between
the old 50Hz / 60Hz that the Amiga is expecting), and the modern HDMI standard ?

2.1. Again (if so) Is there anyting that I can do about it ?

Useful details:
TV: Sony Bravia KDL-40CX523 / 40" LCD 1080p
Device: Raspberry Pi 4 (4 GB)
OS: Amiberry beta (2021-01-23)
Gamepad: X-Box 360

TIA for any help or advice.
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