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Hmm, I hope you're wrong Burseg - currently reformatting my Workbench partition to SFS, because I'm sick of FFS creating checksum errors due to crashes during drive writing.

Going well so far, have the SFS filesystem written to my RDB, and have successfully created a test partition.

I purposely reset the machine while copying a file, and it didn't even have to check the disk over on reboot. All existing files were intact, only the one being copied at the time of reboot was missing.

The filename/folder length limit is incorrect though, I still have a 30 limit when the guide claims 100 characters are supported.

Workbench is now installed on SFS, booted fine. Damn, I'd forgotten how good Amiga was with its operating systems. If I'd cloned Windows to a different drive, and back again - all hell would have broken loose
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