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Originally Posted by Mq666 View Post
I propose to you to check carefully soldering on Gary adapter, because it's puzzling why You have black screen when You set jumper 512/more on 512 position.

And if You had couple of bad soldering on RAM chips, then check them once again. I know You already fix it, but I have another example from my experience. One time I was checking continuity on RAM chip pins and pads on the pcb. Multimeter shows good continuity, but it not works. Then it turned out that there was bad soldering, but when I touch pin by multimeter probe, then small presure of that touching connects little gap between pin and pad. There was bad soldering too, and I saw that by magnifying glass only.
I will have to build a new gary adapter, it's impossible to try fixing/probing mine since I have soldered the sockets on top of the 74s. I'll have to order some round pin headers first though.

I think you are right, i must check those connections with a magnifying something. I will see to it right away.

Thanks again.
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