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Originally Posted by LordNipple View Post
Thanks so much Guys for your help.

I had made a seriously n00bie mistake in not running the emulator in administer mode so I couldn't change the write protection button to enable me to overwrite files. I don't know if I should admit this in public or not!! But I have created new disks and written files to them so I am all excited again to be working on the Amiga (sort of).

I think this is the best forum I have ever joined upto, I honestly thought I was pretty much alone in my love for the Amiga.

You don't need to run WinUAE in admin mode and you should not do so. Just store data files in a place where writing is allowed, for example C:\Users\<your user>\Documents or C:\Users\Public\Documents.

Only winuae.exe should go to C:\Program Files\WinUAE, all other files should be moved to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Amiga Files\WinUAE. That's where Amiga Forever stores all its files and WinUAE will find them there automatically, too.
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