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AMOS Pro works fine under WinUAE (I use the latest build, version 2.0 update included with the AMOS Pro Compiler).

The only problem is that you are limited to the original Amiga chipset. There are experimental AGA hacks for AMOSPro, but it never had full AGA support. The latest versions of the AMOS family will run on an AGA machine (including WinUAE in AGA mode), but will not take advantage of features beyond the original chipset. Needless to say there is no RTG support in AMOS.

Under WinUAE I highly recommend using Immediate Blitter with AMOS games - it will often make the scrolling smoother than a real Amiga, particularly if you also use Vsync. Selecting a faster blitter (and CPU) option may also be a good idea on a Minimig or similar. Use the AMOS Pro Compiler to reduce emulation load in games by nixing the AMOS interpreter.

A few AMOS games are timed to the original Amiga 500 hardware and so work best with an emulated 68000 at 7MHz (original Amiga 500 speed). I have not found it necessary to use Cycle Exact mode with AMOS. Other AMOS games will benefit enormously from a faster CPU (such as my [ Show youtube player ]).

If you want more CPU performance (e.g. for AMOS 3D Extension or fast compilation) use JIT, but this can be buggy with Vsync enabled, so is often best disabled for smooth scrolling 2D games.

For a more advanced BASIC on the Amiga, Blitz Basic 2 adds AGA and Intuition support as well as more speed. The AMOS family are easier to learn, however. Blitz is more "low-level" - things like frame buffers, double buffering, blitting and screen cleanup need to be programmed manually, while AMOS will take care of this automatically.

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