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Another FW hard drive/UAE question

I have a 20GB 2.5" drive that I'd like to format and set up for an A1200. It's currently in a firewire case attached to an Intel iMac. The iMac dual boots into Vista, where I have WinUAE/AmiKit installed. The FireWire drive mounts perfectly in Vista and in WinUAE/AmiKit. However, I can't format it in UAE, and I can't add it in WinUAE's configuration.

Thanks to other posters, I set up both WinUAE and AmiKit to run as administrator, which enabled the "Add Hard Drive" button on WinUAE's Hard Drive page. However, the FireWire drive does not show up in the drop down menu, so I can't add it. The only drives that do show up are the Vista and Mac partitions of the internal HD and the internal optical drive. Which makes me think external drives are not going to be recognized.

Do I still need to use the "-disableharddrivesafetycheck" option when starting WinUAE to add the FireWire drive, or does it need to be formatted in a nonFAT format before adding it? Or is it simply a matter of it being connected via FireWire?
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