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I need help too. I wanna use an existing 3,5" Maxtor on my pc to use as an Amiga harddisc formatted in Amiga mode to use on my A2000 later. I did the following :

"To get your physical hard drive to work in WinUAE simply launch the emulator using the configuration you like best, insert your Workbench ADFs into the floppies tab and then click the Hard Drives tab, make sure you click "Add PC drives at startup" and press OK to start.
When Workbench loads you will notice that your PC hard drive(s) and CD-ROM(s) are loaded for ya."

Floppies are mounted, HDtoolbox loaded and changed the scsi.device to uaehf.device but no harddrive detected

Fact is that in the configuration menu when I select the harddrive that I do not want to use anymore under XP then I get the error "warning : the drive safety check is active. Selected drive is not empty and non-RDB partitionned"

I have done some searching, even changed the 3.1 roms but same result. All my pc partitions are showing up on Workbench boot, that´s not the problem. I just want to format a 250 Gb Maxotr under FFS, or at least the first 2 Gb to start with ... please give me the clue that I´m missing

EDIT : I am using WinUAE 1.5.0 and 3.1 floppies in adf
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