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Your physical PC drive or an emulated drive?

To get your physical hard drive to work in WinUAE simply launch the emulator using the configuration you like best, insert your Workbench ADFs into the floppies tab and then click the Hard Drives tab, make sure you click "Add PC drives at startup" and press OK to start.

When Workbench loads you will notice that your PC hard drive(s) and CD-ROM(s) are loaded for ya.

On the other hand if you would like to create a virtual hard drive (HDF) you will need to follow these steps.

o Launch WinUAE
o Load your Workbench Configuration (one which you think would work best with Workbench)
o Click the Hard Drives tab
o Click Add Hardfile
o Under "New Hard File" enter "14245888" in the text box and hit Create
o Select a location to save your new HDF
o Save your configuration (with the New HDF inserted)
o Insert your Workbench ADFs into the Floppies tab
o Click OK to start the emulator

Now your virtual hard drive won't be formatted so you can't use it - YET, follow these instructions:

o In Workbench left click your HDF
o Hold the Right Mouse button and move over to Icons followed by "Format Disk"
o Release the mouse button and hit format

After doing that you need to copy/install your Workbench disks over to your HDF and bingo.

Hope that helps, you can find more help at:

In the guides section.

NOTE: The above will create a 13.4MB HDF image, if you would like a larger hard drive you will need to work the MB size out in Bytes.
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