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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
There is no copy protection in Robocop 3 that affects the game like this.

Having done a cracking tutorial on this one, this game relied entirely on crashing the Amiga and doing nothing subtle, this install has been done for YEARS and only now people are having issues with it???

I don't buy that AT ALL.
You may be right Phil.

I tested again using the set below and this time no Lewis when I got to "that" spot:

... RoboCop 3 (1992)(Ocean)(M3)(Disk 1 of 3)[cr FLT][f NTSC FLT][t +6 LGD].adf
... RoboCop 3 (1992)(Ocean)(M3)(Disk 2 of 3).ipf ["RoboCop3_Disk2.ipf" from "RoboCop 3 (1992)(Ocean)(M3)[dongle][0805].zip"]
... RoboCop 3 (1992)(Ocean)(M3)(Disk 3 of 3)[cr FLT].adf

Lewis was there on my previous attempt though:

Maybe it's random, or possibly there are two paths you can take. Yes, you hear the quickening beeps but; could be the other side of the wall? I don't know.

Anyway, I'm no expert on this game... to be honest it's the first time I've really played it properly.

Originally Posted by jotd View Post
I'd say that there's a speed issue maybe. On WinUAE with "fastest" or JIT the game would go faster than it could expect and there's something like a "tunnel effect" or whatever...

Tests must be made with different cpu speeds. Start with "A500 speed"
...but I'm using the disk versions and a standard A500 config.
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