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Originally Posted by elowan View Post
hi there,

I managed to add the "Add Icon" function/button in Dopus.

But when creating and .info for a .lha archiv file, the icon is just plain white sheet. Does AOS4.1FE not have any icons for .lha files??? I think I remember them to look different from just a white sheet...

Do I need to install some more "file-icons" first? if so, how?
Yes you need file "" in "SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive/Sys/"

Another thing I noticed, when double clicken the lha file, it does not start to extract anymore... seems my "Add Icon" action broke some connection?!
Please help!!!
No If you used an internal Dopus4 command for Add Icon, such doesn't affect the LBM click or click-M-click, to uncompress/compress LHA you need to give a command on File association or use a function Tab, see my video

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