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these are not meaned to be bugreports, just a statements, what happens and what someone can expect
Then you should name this thread to "Games, demos, programs that I could not get working" and we will try to help you.

I was about to say the same thing as Zark, if a game runs fine with WHDLoad under WinUAE, this means the game works with WinUAE!

I tried to run trex warrior with a standart ECS config and failed. Then set the chipset to OCS instead, used a bit more fast ram, unselected fast copper and selected immediate blitter and it worked. I didn't exactly know what I were doing but I were trying to get this game working and succeeded in the first attempt after the failure of my generic config. It seems you're using every opportunity to blame WinUAE. I even selected JIT! This game runs whatever stupid config you use if you want to get it working.

I suggest we move this thread to the off topic section.
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