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ATR: Works fine
Trex Warrior: Works fine

The others I don't have, so I can't test them, but I'm guessing that they would also work too!

It baffles me how someone who claims he knows so much about the Amiga, can't get a few games working. I got these working on the first try

I think trodas should stop talking smack about WinUAE. He's giving unnecessary work to Toni who has better things to do (like fulfil all of my requests....once again Toni, thanks for the speedup keys! )

I'm betting trodas will come back spitting out shit again. Next he'll be telling us Quake 3 doesn't work under WinUAE, but it works on one of his 50, 060 amiga's

...more to come, so, lets add things...
Oh joy...
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