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Originally Posted by supaduper View Post
So though I have never used FS-uae I installed it to see if I get the same error as Foul and I do, but the weird thing is even some older version PFSaio hard files crash, so in conclusion as a guess must be a problem with FS-uae.
Originally Posted by supaduper View Post
Where do I get the logs ? lol
And I am off out now will be in the morning Toni
Did not read the full thread (so did not see what has to be tested), but did you set the log options in the config file ?

log_autoscale = 1
log_bsdsocket = 1
log_flush = 1
log_input = 1

If you did not set the " logs_dir = ", see the FS-UAE Log
There is also an " uaelog " option, but as the link goest to nowhere...

Edit: Ok, seen post #45 and following. Will give a try and let you know. Just need the time to download latest test versions and backup my hdf file.

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