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Originally Posted by kgc210 View Post
Do you still have to select DOS type ie:
PFS\03 = 0x50465303 or PDS\03 = 0x50445303

Or is it fully automatic now?
PDS is still needed if driver is too broken to handle TD64/NSD tests. You'll know if it crashes at boot

Originally Posted by kolla View Post
When using FFS, one nice feature is that one can run "version" against the device...
version full df0:
filesystem 45.16 (11.Apr.2010)
Would be cool if this was more commonly implemented
I forgot, will be in next update. (Also UAE directory filesystem needs this, odd that no one has ever mentioned it?)

Originally Posted by supaduper View Post
Toni I tested test#3 on real amiga and its all good and on your Winuae with no problems

So though I have never used FS-uae I installed it to see if I get the same error as Foul and I do, but the weird thing is even some older version PFSaio hard files crash, so in conclusion as a guess must be a problem with FS-uae.
Can you get full uae log out of fs-uae? (not just fs-uae-only messages) It should help to see what is going on.

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