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[brainstorm]something like FEZ

I think many of us might be familiar with the game FEZ; at its bare bones could be described as a Nebulus-like metroidvania on steroids and definitely is out of reach for any classic Amiga.

However (insert shrimp here) the core technology of the game implies moving several thousands of polygons in a 3d space to obtain a 2d effect, but i suspect that a similar approach could be done using vectorballs with appropriate shapes and animation - think a square with frames that show the flipping of the surface (or not like some tree branches), map a decent amount with a z coordinate and do the rotation.

So a question that i have is how many could be moved at once - if enough to have some playable levels on - let's assume the target machine is an ECS amiga with one meg chip; let's also assume we use 16 colors and 25fps. Wish i have the skills to code some engine like this.

If a decent amount of elements could be moved i think a very simplified version of the game could be done.
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