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well, it all boils down to personal opinion, perception and taste. for me, C64 games are more colourful, technically more impressive but blockier and less playable. are there emotions here at play? maybe. but these are MY feelings and i'll be damned if i let anyone try to mess with them... for me the majority of the really good Spectrum games were more playable than on any other 8bit computer. back in the original days i was a brat and i cared for graphics very much. naturally, the Spectrum lagged behind compared to the C64, MSX, CPC, etc... the graphics had less colours and were - many times - underwhelming. but now in the emulation age, and having tried every possible computer and console under emulation, i can say that the Spectrum games give me the most enjoyment of all the 8bit computers. the graphics are still admittedly shoddy but, maybe because of that, the gameplay usually was better. and the poor graphics also let much to the imagination. overall, the Spectrum has the best playability of the bunch. sure, there are gems and turkeys on all machines, but i was speaking in a general sense.

i think that the Spectrum vs C64 war is still waging around here... seriously? can't we let the old demons die and lay to rest? we're all Spectrum and C64 "owners" now-a-days. let's just enjoy the systems for what they were/are and not for what they meant to us. (except for the Amiga. the Amiga was, is and always will be king. this is a fact not open to discussion. period.)

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