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Amstrad CPC, much better than I thought it would be!

I had a spectrum when I was a kid, a mate had a c64. I went from Spectrum to Amiga and the Amstrad CPC was never really on my radar. I can't ever remember knowing anyone who had one. Now out of interest in old stuff generally I bought a 6128 at a boot sale and I have to be honest i think its much better than my old spectrum and some of the games knock the socks off the C64. Its got the detail of the Spectrum with the colour of the C64 games but without the blocky graphics.

If you like me have never tried a CPC download an emulator and have a go I'm amazed how good it is!

Also try this remake of RTYPE for the 6128 its nothing short of amazing and really shows what the system can do! http:// I'm currently using the real machine and an emulator called Ace on my Morphos Mac Mini.

When i was a kid I just assumed it was crap but to be honest I really think I missed out here!
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