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Are you sure it does not save the state? If you re-enter the save state menu, you should see the date/time when you saved the state instead of "Empty".

But for reference, here's how to save state: Open F12 menu -> Save States -> Choose one of the slots (all will be "Empty" initially) -> Choose "Save".

To load a save state: Open F12 menu -> Save States -> Choose one of the slots where you have previously saved (the menu item has the date/time of when you save) -> Choose "Load".

Regarding save game disk:

If you start the game via FS-UAE Launcher, a save disk will automatically be added to the list of floppies you can choose from within FS-UAE (and this is an extended ADF). So when the game ask for save disk (a blank disk), you can simply open the F12 menu, choose the first floppy drive, and select "Save Disk". As Toni indicated, you need to use the in-game format function before you can save games to the save disk.

Btw, I did not manage to get the save disk formatting to crash with the default A500 model (512 KB chip, 512 KB slow) - tested an IPF version and a cracked ADF version.

If it still does not work for you, please be much more specific about what steps you perform - plus what happens - and what you expected to happen.
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