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Amiga 4000D in Power Tower

Ha ha ha @Acid “reasonably priced....” That’s a steal for the way the Amiga market is today has can be seen in the amount of interest for it

Yes bargains do come along and if your fast enough to get them your sorted

Like @Dannyp1 says being a lucky bugger with a Picasso IV for $50 I’ve had similar luck with my A4000 that I bought for £200 came with 1942 monitor and a very white keyboard but I doubt I will find one at that price again unless the world’s love of Amiga fade again lol

Anyway it will sell for the price that someone is willing to pay for it

One thing I have noticed is that, the seller on Amibay seem to sell these every so often so you just have to watch for his next one for a bargain buy

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