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Interesting, just playing with the GOTEK tonight on my new linux build.
(burned down my XP box)

Initially, was having a lot of trouble with stm32flash...

Couldn't get it to flash.. Sometimes got a read of status, but not consistent..

Then, I tried backing off the RX/TX headers just a bit.
So, instead of having them plugged all the way to the board where I soldered my pins, I pulled them up just a bit.
(This is after I had tried all variations of pushing a bit or pulling a bit to one side or the other, with no affect)

So, I backed the pins off just a bit..
I got a status..
Try a READ (-r test.hex) and it successfully gave me a file. First time I've done that.
Tried a write..
Tried a status again.
Tried another read (-r test2.hex).
So, backing the plugs back just a bit made the difference.
(No idea why, haven't unplugged them to look yet to see if I can see any issue with the plugs (I didn't install the plugs, my adapter came with them..).

I haven't tested my GOTEK yet, but I did my write with a verify so I'm hopeful that I upgraded it.

Also, I did a diff and it tells me my 2 reads differ.
I was going to compare them to the hex file I wrote, but it's not in the same format apparently. (Not sure why? Other than the size, why would a file I write be different than a file I read???)

Anyway, just something interesting..

Yep, it works.. Somehow in the process, I corrupted my flash drive. But a reformat and re-copy fixed that..

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