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I went over to a friend's house once- he said he had something really cool to show me. He was an Amiga 500 user, BTW. When I get there, what do I see? A PC, with Commander Keen running! FILTHY TRAITOR! But anyway, I kept a smile on my face and said that Keen looked like a good game, which was a blatant lie. Honestly, the game looked just so boring and dull, and my friend seemed so proud of it. To tell you the truth, I wasn't just unimpressed with Keen and its shitty graphics and Adlib sound, but with the entire PC package, which was about a Pentium 1 100. As I said, my friend seemed so proud at owning the PC, but I couldn't see what was so good about it. As Twist said, it made me love my Miggy even more than I had before.
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