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Some CD³²-related problems

I was testing some CD³² games through WinUAE and noticed some noticable occurences:

1) The general speed all CDs run, even if it's an image mounted onto a virtual drive. At times it feels like you're loading from a floppy disk (Dangerous Streets, Alfred Chicken, Sleepwalker to name a few), and many video movies jutter a lot (CD32-100/200, James Pond 2). Is this how the actual CD³² behaved back then? Is WinUAE emulating the original CD³² access speed?

2) The bizarre control bug that occurs only in certain games. During play, the blue button seems to apply two actions at once, mostly a simultaneous pause/jump or pause/shoot. I've seen this occur in the following titles:

Chuck Rock.
Superfrog demo (from Arcade Pool).
Bubble & Squeak demo (from Amiga CD32 Gamer Issue 6).

In Alfred Chicken however, the blue button doesn't even seem to do anything at all. Despite the fact that I've set the button properly to one of my Sidewinder buttons, I don't get the options screen, nor do I get to fire jam pellets. Annoying.

Another control-related thingy: the joypad response on the main menu of the Bump 'n' Burn demo (Amiga CD32 Gamer Ish 7) is absolutely god awful. I have to repeatedly press the D-Pad/Button instead of just once to get a single reaction. Is this an occurence on a real CD³²?

3) Certain games seem to freeze at a certain point. Chaos Engine (Spectacular Voyage bundle version) got stuck on the last screen in the intro, where you see the characters and the title logo (it was meant to finish loading up the game).

4) Regarding Sleepwalker, I've noticed the title music doesn't sync properly with what's going on on the title screen. It's meant to play the fast bits when Ralph runs across the screen after Lee, but it seems to get the timing wrong totally. Not sure if this occurs with the floppy edition.

5) Beneath A Steel Sky demo (Amiga CD32 Gamer Ish 7): when Foster goes down the chute, Joey looks in my direction and says (in a bizarrely non-robotic voice) something about a jamming signal (I forget the exact line) and then the game freezes. Is this how the demo normally ends? Did the same thing happen on a real CD³²?

Attached to this post is my CD³² configuration which, naturally, I apply to all CD³² tests.
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