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Controlls & Visual feedback
Poorly implemented "fixed" controlls or worse - poorly implemented character movement - this is epically important for Platform games

Random Battles/Enemies/Encounters
While I love random battle encounters (I am all about the GIL and XP) it can get a bit much in some games when you do need to get-somewhere (see FF8) - personally I like see a more finer balance - where by some areas have higher encounter rates etc.

anyway - back to the grips

bad AI makes for a bad Game - especially if there is no 2 player to the game - then the AI really needs to step-up to the plate as they say.... a lot dont =(

this leads me onto -

Cheating AI
Okay argably unless we talk neural nets then all AI is a form of cheating - however some games are blatant cheats!! its unforgivable!

Bad Scrolling
Lets face it... when you are presented with poor jerky scrolling where it feels as though you have wait for five days for the screen to finally update - this cripples a game - and no I am not singling out any particular game that might be about deities here, theres quite a few high-profile nasties out there.

Random Death / Bad Sprite Collsion
Yeah.... lets be honest these games, y'know the ones where a pixel enters a 12 foot radias of you avatar and - BLAM..... your dead...

Some of these games are so bad that they should be wrapped back up and shoved so hard up the developers rectum as to enforce what collision detection really should be!
(lube is option but no recommended)

Random Buggy/Must install new update patch to play
The former "buggy code" is a bit of an anoyance for me, as I am sure it is for every one...from small graphical glitches to insane unforgivable loss of multiple-hours of play!!
normally because some one hasn't tested a save routine or was programming by braile - still - wheres the product testing!? --

If your car suddenly crashed or engine developed a serious glitch then one would be onto watch-dog in a heart beat!

The "must install update to play" is really part of the newer consoles - yeah you can argue the toss with the PC - but atleast for the most part those games try without it - but if you have a PS3/XBo360 - you suckered into waiting 20 minutes before you can play.... and the next time you sign in... they have nerfed with the game again GRRRRrrr!!!! ... yeah....I have issues.

Long Loading / Short Game times
This really pickles my patience! you install a game for about 15 minutes.... you then click on its icon or start it up.... wait for the updates and then you finally get to see the "un escapeable" credits list of everyone and their dog - only to then get into the menu system - tap one details in... select a controll method...hit play.... and then promptly wait at the loading screen untill your 5 year old starts university for the game to load.

there is one worse - not mentioning a "life thats halved by 2" in this matter - but in part - early in the have a 4 minute load sequence.... 40 seconds of play.... and then another 4 minuite load sequence!!!!!

how this never phases the devleopersis beyond me!
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