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SoundBlaster Pro... weapon of choice

No mucking about with one of those, my laptop actually has oddly 2 soundcards a ISA one (SoundBlaster) and a PCI one (Crystal Media) that combo causes hell in Linux, a BIOS option enables the ISA devices.

I have a P3 450, 384Mb RAM, if I run at 66Mhz FSB I get a extra 32Mb (onboard) :/, 2.5Mb NeoMagic WTFBBQ-edition-some-crap-with-VESA-issues video card.


I have loads of old DOS games that were zipped up and put onto CDRs, would you like to know more

I also have a old CDR of operating systems (PC DOS, Dr.Dos, 386 Unix, AT&T something, Win 3.x, Win NT and some obsure things)
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