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Unhappy Well, it appears I've been banned from the HOTU forum...

...and all because I questioned one of the Watchdogs on there about the availability of the rarest and least known Command & Conquer game: Sole Survivor, and of that other forgotten EA game, Scarab. They thought I wanted them for free as warez. Of course, it wasn't for that reason alone, I was also questioning the availability of other "back-burner" games that I honestly believed no-one else cared about anymore, developers or stores.

The thing is though, I was at least being sensible. I didn't request for anything recently released (duh ), all I did was talk about almost-forgotten games from between 1990-98 at least. So it's not as if I said "Pls upload ISO of Half-Life 4 me, I've 4gottn my CD key" or anything like that.

Maybe it was all because I got used to my sister downloading some games from newsgroups a couple or few years back on her sooper-fast 10Mb/sec connection at University (she still occasionally downloads some (mostly) import PSX and Dreamcast games for us to play), I don't know, but the thing is I believe a lot of the prices people charge for really old games is criminal.

I expect to pay only somewhere between £3-£10 for a game that I'm interested in trying out but don't exactly have a "MUST-GET-THIS-DEFINITELY-OR-WILL-COLLAPSE!" feeling for it (I only get that feeling (and therefore am willing to pay over the £20 mark) for games that have that little something in them, something which makes the game want to be kept on my hard-disk for a long time, this was with games like GTA 1 & 2, Curse Of and Escape From Monkey Island, Quake III Arena, and many console games etc.).

I'm sorry, but if they're going to act so bloody strict and claim ridiculous things like "oh, this little backbeat store down in Kansas still has 5 copies of this 1991 game for sale, so no, it's not abandoned" (not that they've literally said that, but I'm describing their general behaviour) or "if the IDSA think this company wants Game X (which has clearly been forgotten by the developers themselves due to ridiculously poor sales and is never likely to crop up in a store ever again - Reality-check Ed) to be protected from free-of-charge public download for no clear reason whatsoever, then so be it" (again, they haven't literally said this), then screw the whole lot of them. If they don't like my opinions and beliefs, tough moley. I'm not gonna change them just because they treat abandoned/still-sold-at-one-place games like an old black-and-white issue. It's ridiculous.

I've only been temporarily banned from the forum, mind, but still, I don't think I'll go there again. Not after all the needless flak they were giving out to me.

I'm not very comfortable with overseas ordering, either. I prefer to order from a store that's at least on the same island as me (although not as far as Scotland of course). And yet the site that the Watchdogs often refer to when I ask if this game or that game is obtainable, CDAccess, is an American site which doesn't appear to focus much on extensive international support (although that's not to say they don't take overseas orders) and currency translations (that would help if you couldn't be arsed to find a currency translator on the net and just wanted to get to the point). And if you're thinking I'm acting anti-American here, think again.

I don't fully rely on the newsgroup scene, though. I mean, one game in particular I used to download as 'warez' a few years back, but then eventually I decided around the end of last year, "Hey, I guess this game is so good that it could just be worth legitimately buying after all" and eventually went out to one of the local stores and bought the game for just £6.99 (now that's what I call a bargain and a decent price ) and felt very happy with my choice as a result. The game in question? SimCity 2000 Special Edition. And before, I wasn't really interested in getting Unreal before, until I saw it in stores for a measly-but-top-notch five quid.

P.S. I should've really have asked this a while ago but, what exactly do people mean by "0-day Warez"? Is this like games that become available to download on the same day the game is released into stores?
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